Beautiful Russian Woman Lyudmila from Odessa, Ukraine

Have you ever dream about changing your life into a romantic dance while holding a beautiful, intelligent and young woman in your arms? Sometimes our life will be fast and fun like samba and sometimes we will slow down in a passionate rumba. I am ready for such a change if I find the right partner, are you the one?

As for my interests, I am fond of animals and this is my job as well. And, I love travelling a lot.

Beautiful Russian Woman from Odessa, Ukraine


I am looking for honest, loyal and faithful man, with whom I am willing to share the sweet and bitter burdens of life. Age difference doesn’t bother me as long as we find mutual chemistry. I would like my partner to be serious, reliable, confident, self-assured and successful. Nothing is ever perfect for sure, but all long as there are is always an honest effort, it means a lot to me. One more thing, I am not here to write 1000 letters about love and go vitual forever. If you are determined for something more eventful than typing a text mail then drop me a line.


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Pretty Ukrainian Woman – Alla from Vinittsa, Ukraine

I think I’m a very life-loving, realistic and optimistic person. I enjoy many things and most of all being in the circle of close people and having a good time together. I am rather active and I like to maintain a healthy way of life. I hate routine and try to make every day interesting, as we have only one life and we are to live it to the fullest. This is what I believe in and what I need more to be completely happy is a good partner beside me, who would be my best friend and lover.

As for my interests, I like meeting friends, spending time outdoors, travelling and cooking.

Pretty Ukrainian Woman from Vinittsa, Ukraine

I will be interested in a good-looking, kind, sincere, faithgul and generous man, who should also be romantic, confident and respectful to his woman.

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Alena from Grodno, Belarus

My friends consider me as kind-hearted, sincere, loyal, goal-seeking and active person. I can add that I am cheerful, caring, affectionate, sensitive, impulsive and passionate. I am definately a reliable lady who keep a positive outlook.

Single Russian Woman

Im my free time, I like reading books, painting, drawing, watching movies and surfing the Internet. I am fond of cooking and I enjoy receiving guests. I love and admire children. I also like animals and I enjoy taking care of home plants.

As for my future husband, I would like to find a man who is reliable, honest, careful, patient, loyal and optimist. He should also be kind, decent, faithful, not jealous and intelligent. I would appreciate if he loves children and family life. I don’t mind if he has his own children at home.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl – Mariya from Sevastopol, Ukraine

I stongly believe that a woman can be the most beautiful only when she is near her man. I cannot see myself growing up single. I wish to find my second half and to create a happy family. Will you give me a chance to blind you with my beauty while I`m near you?

Single Ukraine Women Datingsite

My friends say that I`m a very open person with big sincere smiles all the time. Depending on the situation, I can be quite different, from pure rose who is giving love to a wild cat on the defense.

I’m 20 years old and I am seeking a man who is between my age up to 38. The most important thing in a relationship for me is to simply love each other. As I think that with love everything is possible! I believe that man and woman are parts of one big heart!

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman – Yana from Sumy, Ukraine

Let me introduce myself: I am romantic, tender and frank – what you could call a real woman who is eager to fall in love and become everything for the man who will become so dear and precious to my heart! While I am still in Sumy, Ukraine, waiting to hear from you, I can`t help thinking about what my life will become when we are together and you become full part of it. Waiting and wanting for my loved one has been the focus of my thoughts, knowing that one day, all that I have envisioned of us being together, will finally happen – my dream come true. Your love will be true and not to be taken lightly – trust me. You will give me the reason to wake up in the morning and smile and simply be happy. Just smile for no particular reason except the fact that you will be near and care for me. You see, I cannot stop dreaming about you. :o) Dear, I have many positive qualities but I think that it is best that you meet me to find out by yourself. I can say that I am very understanding, loyal, patient and polite, I am very easy-going and reliable person and, I think, very feminine and gentle. I am always ready to help and support my loved ones. I am hospitable and friendly, easy-going and intelligent. My friends and close people appreciate my good sense of humor.

Beautiful Russian Woman

In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym and it is important to me to be in a good shape, I like to take a massage sometimes and of course, I can give them as well 🙂 I adore reading, creating coziness at home, cooking and listening to music. I like to accept guests and make everybody feel at home and comfortable.

I am 34 years young and would love to meet a decent man between 35 and 50. I would like my future partner to be honest, kind, decent, reliable, loyal and supportive. The kind of man who will be inerested in sharing my views to life and family

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Single Russian Woman – Nataliya from St Petersburg, Russia

I don’t like so much to describe myself but I can say that I am intelligent, sincere, decent, strong but sensitive, caring, loyal, confident, optimistic and considerate. I like to be romantic with the person I care for. I love comfort, learning new things and try to always enjoy life! I am ready for family life and would like to dedicate myself to my husband, family life and children.

Bella donna russa

For hobbies, I like sport: mainly tennis, swimming and skiing. My other interests are theatre, music, dancing, reading and travelling.

I am 22 and I wish to meet a man who is from my age up to 37. I would like to find an intelligent, clever, funny, loyal, humorous and caring man.

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Sexy Russian Bride – Valentina from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Schöne russische Frau

About my personality, I can say that I am very active and that I like to live a positive life. I like adventures and I consider myself a very creative person. I truly adore children and I always watch the life surrounding me with an optimistic smile! I can also say that I am a very accommodating person and I can adapt to new circumstances very quickly! Also, I am a purposeful person and I follow my aims till I reach them! I think it is a good quality to know what you want in life and take measures to fulfill your dreams and goals.

For my hobbies, my favorite sport to play is Russian billiard. When I have time to concentrate and inspiration, I like to write poetry. I like nature and animals very much. I think sport games are a real fun and I enjoy playing volleyball with my friends when we have free time together. I like to take care about the house and I like cooking very tasty meals!

I’m 26 and looking for a guy between 30 and 45 yearsl old. I have certain vision for man of my life. He should be active, caring and serious, but also with a good sense of humor. I am searching for a man who is good with children, who smiles and who is easy-going. I’d love to have a faithful husband, someone I can trust. It would be great if we had common interests – if he adored traveling and adventures just like I do! I’d be so happy with a real man, strong in spirit, supportive and serious about his intentions.

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Sexy Russian Bride – Aleksandra from Poltava, Ukraine

Sexy Russian Bride

Although I never find easy to speak about myself, I can say that I am a creative and very artistic person. I like all unusual and uncommon things and I am ready for novelty in my life. I’m a positive, optimistic, tender and romantic girl. I am not so demanding and different trifles and little surprises can make me glad and I like to make other people glad.

I am the architect and I like to draw. That is the thing I like do in my free time and that is the thing I would like to make all my life. Also I like to knit clothes and to embroider. I must admit that modeling is my passion. I like to keep in shape and to pracitce sports, espacially to go skating. I have pleasant voice and some times I like to sing and I am very good in dancing. Nobody is perfect but I am pretty close 🙂

I am 22 years old and I want to find a very romantic man who is between 25 and 40 years old. I wish to meet a man who is interesting in communication, who has a good sense of humor, who likes to travel, who is lonely and who is also looking for me.

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Beautiful Russian Girls Larisa from Sumy, Ukraine

Beautiful Russian Girl from Sumy, UkraineI am 36 years old and I dream to meet a decent and serious man to spend the rest of my life with. I would like my man to be between 38 and 52 years old. The most important for me is to find a respectful and faithful partner, the man who will love me with all his heart. He should be honest, kind, easy going and caring. I would like to feel that my heart starts beating faster when I look at him and I hope to make the same effect on him.

I think that life is not complete if there is no special person beside us to share it. Maybe you are that special one for me? Imagine how we will go through this life together, feeling each other, enjoying each other …every time in a different way, every time learning more and more and at the same time teaching and helping each other… I am a sensual and passionate woman. I prefer to always express my emotions and be affectionate with my partner, showing him my deep and gentle love. I am a caring and understanding person. I am also pretty old-fashioned as for solid personal values and ideas about the family. I do not mean I am not flexible – I just want to have a family and I see it as a way to unleash my potentials as a woman and life partner, friend and lover. I have a great sense of humor and my close people admire my forever optimism and positive energy.

I have many interests and I love various outdoor activities – I adore volleyball and tennis. I am a good housewife and I can assure you that I can cook very well. I like to read, to listen to music and to go to some beautiful place in the nature to have a picnic.

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Beautiful Russian Woman Alena from Mariupol, Ukraine

Beautiful Russian Woman from Mariupol, Ukraine

I think (and my friends agree :)) that I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open, resourceful, loyal, witty, and warm. For my long-term relationship and my future husband, I want to be a charming and friendly, funny and serious wife. If we both feel that our hearts beet
together, I am convinced that we`ll do anything that we dream about. In a relationship, I do appreciate open and warm communication. I like to be fit and I prefer to have an active life style.

In my free time, I like to go to the movies, theatres, concerts and visit art museums. I enjoy nature a lot and I like camping and hiking nice mountains. As most people, I like traveling very much and dream to discover many different countries. I am very romantic and I like moonlight walks and candlelight dinners.

At 23 years of age, I am ready to meet a decent and caring man who is between 23 and 38 years old. I am looking for a nice, loyal, easy-going, warm and kind-hearted man who has serious intensions of creating a loving and happy family and a long-lasting relationship. I am lookinbg for a man who wants to be happy and who knows how to make his life partner happy.

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